Saturday, 20 September 2008


And the warmer weather are here!! On the Coast it has been rather warm today, especially in the sun, & now we have some major storm activity inland which no doubt we will feel the affects of! I have to say today was like the start of all things new... (for me anyway!) the air was like a warm kiss on your face, it was so nice to wear a cute little dress & flip flops, & big shock didn't wear any makeup ( which for me is huge lol!!) when I went out to the shops, I was however wearing Chanel so I was all good! I even bought myself flowers... which always makes me happy :)
With the arrival of the warmer weather usually means trips to the beach & many hours in the pool! which also means the time is NOW for getting back into shape!! I'm dreading it, but know it will be worth it in the end lol!!!! I'm soooo glad the kids are on holidays for the next two weeks, I really need a break from our day to day routine & to recharge my batteries.... don't have any plans we are just going to chill!! we have talked about trips to Dreamworld, the beach & a few other things but nothing is planned, just playing everything by ear! I simply love this time of the year, even though the countdown to Christmas is on... I saw Christmas cards today!!! I love everything about Spring, the flowers, the warmth in the air, holidays, the bbq's everything except.... the magpies!
Here is a preview to how we will be spending many hours as the weather continues to warm up....


Tabitha said...

Our weather has warmed up here today ~ and we have gorgeous sunshine. Unfortunately, I know that it won't last!! Autumn has been showing itself more and more ~ before we know it, we will have snow again!!
Love the photos!!
Hope you are all ok ~ thinking of you !!
love and big hugs XXXXX

Lucy said...

Hi Tania,
I agree, it was very warm today. Did it get to 30 deg? It certainly felt like it. The thing I like about scholl holidays nowdays is, far less trafic on the roads and a quicker trip to work and back.
Love your beaty full beach pictures and especially your beaty full subjects.
Thank you for joining follow me and I shall now follow you, beautiful Chanel lady.
Love and hugs

dani said...

hi, t:)
it is still very warm here with highs still reaching the 30 degree celcius + mark. but, our beach is at least a 10 hour drive regardless of in which direction i go... the ocean, the sand, and the sun look glorious to me; and, at the same time, i'm soooooooooo looking forward to fall!!!
i hope whatever you all decide to do (or not) that you will enjoy the next couple of weeks, my friend:D
ps is jaimie doing well; has she returned to melbourne???

Webradio said...

Hello Tanya !

Her, it's autumn...
We can't swing... Brrrr !
See You later...

Little Sweethearts said...

It's only just Spring where you are and you can already dive into the ocean! Just a tiny bit jealous here in Belgium haha! (Even in summer the sea doesn't really warm up much here).


Amanda said...

Those pictures are great and it does look lovely and warm ~ we spent a good afternoon at the beach on holiday this past weekend, but didn't venture near the water! Hypothermia comes to mind!
I love the break from the routine that comes with the schools being on holiday. Enjoy the break when it comes!
How's Jamie?
Amanda x

Jenni foo foo said...


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