Saturday, 13 September 2008


Turns to sadness, the little bundle of joy that would have joined us early next year is no more! Becoming grandparents is something we knew would happen one day... just not yet! but we accepted it & looked forward to meeting this little person! I had picked out her first bracelet & her first Christmas dress, if it had a been a boy well needless to say he would have had his first pair of soccer boots & a soccer ball long before he could walk!!! I was so excited, never thought for a second that it would be over before it really started! My heart shattered when I saw her face after the ultrasound, I knew that it was bad news! I know it happens so many times but you never think it will happen to someone you love!!
Take care.. xxxxx


Vanessa and Kara said...

Oh Tanya I am just so so very sorry for you all :(

That is just heart breaking ~ sending you and yours so much love.


Little Sweethearts said...

I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. Give Jamie an extra hug from me as I can't find words right now. There are never any right words at a time like this anyway. Just hugs. And tears.


dani said...

oh, tanya...
i'm so sorry for all of you!!! i experienced the same excitement and heartbreak myself before i had katherine... and, it's crushing.
you and roy will make awesome grandparents!!! take care, my dear, beautiful friend...
love and a big hug,
dani X

Tabitha said...

Oh Tanya ~ I had no idea ~ and I am so so sorry that this happened ~ it is unfair. I hope that you are all ok. Sending much love and a huge big hug to you all ~ thinking of you my friend (extra big hugs for you!) XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Amanda said...

Oh Tanya, i'm so sorry. You are right, we always think that things like that always happen to someone else.
Sending extra big hugs your way.
Amanda xxxx

meganxxx said...

I am sure there is another baby waiting in the wings to become your first grandchild Tanya-I lost a baby before Lily and I believe it was because Lily was too impatient to wait her turn.
Big hugs to you all and Jamie an extra tight squeeze-she will get her turn again. I am so sorryxxx
Love megan

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Tanya and her beautiful daughter Jamie and your family my thoughts are with you all things happen for a reason I truly believe this and when the time is right for Jamie she will again carry a child this doesn't stop the heartbreak now love each other and you will grow from this journey.Will talk to you soon all my love xx

Kara May said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sooo sorry this has happened. I wish I knew just what to say but there are no words to make it all better. Just know that your family, you and Jamie are in my prayers. Hugs & Kisses to you and your family.

E and T said...

Oh Tanya, I am so very sorry.

I have no words. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending lots of love and extra hugs to you and all of your family.


Lucy said...

Dear Tania,
I had a little thought that this was the exiciting news you were going to share with us. Now I am sooo sorry that this has happened to your beautiful girl and to you all. My heart is aching for you all. You will make fantastic grandparents one day. For now, please give your big treasure an extra big hug from me.
Love and extra big hugs to you and all your family.XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh no,

I had a feeling the news was to be a new baby from Jaimie but I never thought it would turn out this way.
How's she coping? I know what it's like to loose a baby and in such a small amount of time you have so much of that little ones life already mapped out and then in the blink of an eye it's all shattered.

It must be heart breaking to watch your girl go through that. She just has to tell herself that this baby's journey was only meant to be for a short while...that's what I kept telling myself anyway.

All my love and thoughts.


E said...

Oh My goodness.. I am so so sorry to hear this news.. Hugs to Jamie and to you as well.. heart breaking it is.. My thoughts with you all.



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