Tuesday, 2 September 2008

So Proud....

This morning Samuel asked me if I could go to his assembly in the afternoon as he was getting an award, of course I would be there I told him! So at assembly they go through all the class awards then they start talking about some very special awards.. for students who participated in a maths exam earlier on in the term, Samuel was one of the students who did & to my complete surprise Samuel got a Credit woohoo!!!!! so now he has a certificate from the NSW University congratulating him on his achievements , then he was presented with a Thumbs Up award for good behaviour, that makes two of these awards this year which is not so easy to get once they are in year 3 & up... so his mama is just a little proud :D
Sorry I've been such a bad blogger :( but life has been so busy, the kids had a day off on Friday, public holiday for our local show, so when dad got home from work off to Dreamworld we went, Saturday we were at the Gold Coast Show, Sunday we had a bbq in the park for my niece... (I will be posting all of those photos soon) then later on in the afternoon I had a wine & nibblies afternoon with some of my wonderful friends, we had a fantastic afternoon!!! Monday saw me back working at the school again, & I will be there until early December, it's only a few hours a day but it still messes with my day, thank goodness I don't work full time LOL!!! & not to mention my addiction to the Stephanie Meyer books, Twilight & New Moon I have just finished & I can't wait to start the next one!!! As for my news.... SOON... my friends, very SOON, I will say that we are very excited :D
Well that's it for me... I'll be back later... :) xxxxxx


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Well done Sam, you little legend!

Oh Tanya, I couldn't put those books down. I've started spending my time looking at all of the different Twilght websites, I'm so hooked. I can't wait another 4 months for the movie to be released. I need it now!

Are we allowed to start guessing the news, I think I know!!


meganxxx said...

Well done Samuel!!! That is no mean feat matey-two awards in one assembly way to go!!!

Now Tanya that is not fair-I thought Smauels awards were newsworthy enough on their own so hmmmm what is the go there now?????

Waiting, waiting............

Take care-hurry up out with it woman!!!!!

Love Meganxx

Tanya said...

Em I know they are so very addictive!!! You guess away... I'm interested to hear what you think my news is!!!!

Sorry to keep you waiting Megan, SOON!!!! LOL!!!

t. xxxxx

Amanda said...

Oh Sam!! Well Done :)
To say that you are one proud Mama would be an understatement!! Haha!
I only have a few pages to read in the last twilight book, Breaking Dawn ~ they are addictive!
I cannot wait to hear your news ~ i'm excited with you!
Amanda x

Little Sweethearts said...

Well done Samuel! Or should I say "Thumbs up!"?!?

I'm sooooo curious right now but will refrain from guessing (since I always think surprises have something to do with pregnancies...).


Tabitha said...

I love the photos ~ he looks very pleased with himself.
I am wondering what your news is!!
love and hugs XXXXX

kristen said...

OHH just had to pop by this morning to see if there was anything new on your blog that you wanted to share............

Hopefully soon.

Kate said...

Hi Tanya thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I am feeling so guilty about not keeping up with reading everyone's blogs and commenting and being a good blogger friend (also I get shy and am a self confessed stalker!)lol :P It's always a pleasure reading yours, you have such a beautiful family and your photography is gorgeous.

Kat said...

aweh congrats to samuel!!!!
I am glad that you like the twilight series!!

dani said...

hey, t... what a gentleman and a scholar your samuel is!!!
are you going to give us a hint???
is jaimie getting engaged???
are you pregnant???
is someone else getting married or pregnant or both???
dying to know!!!

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I'm guessing you've bought a house?

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