Friday, 1 February 2008

1st Day of School-08...

1st day of a new school year... Tayla & Samuel were happy to be going back to school, especially Tayla (she lives for school & never wants to leave!!!!) They are happy about the classes they're in & about their teachers, Tayla yr. 5, Miss C & Samuel yr.3, Mrs M., Tayla was also happy to have J in her class again!! they have been together since Yr.1 (J is the dark haired one in the group photo below). Sam looked so unsure in his photo (classroom one) his friends names were on the list for 3A but had not yet shown up... he was fine when I met him at his classroom in the afternoon, he said," school was great, he'd had a good day & was happy with the class he was in, & his friends were there"!! So here is to a happy year for all of our children, I hope it is a year filled with good friends, good teachers & great memories!! xx

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