Sunday, 24 February 2008


Is what Saturday was!!! so we are up early & at the beach by 6.20am!!! it was already really warm then! Main beach is where we stayed for the next four hours, the kids had a ball! the water was so nice, Tayla & Sam were happy to play just at the water's edge, until daddy went in, then they ventured out a little deeper, Nick & Jordy were trying to catch as many waves as they could on their boogie boards, have been thinking I might just get one myself, now that would be a sight!!!! The kids weren't too happy about leaving but I'd had enough sun (ouch!!) so we headed home for showers than out for lunch, the heat was terrible, nothing worse than a really thick, hot breeze :( anyway the kids thought it would be cool if mum got some boardies & went swimming with them!!! Ok... got some boardies, head back to the beach this time we check out Currumbin, we were devastated, the terrible winds & high seas from a few days before had taken most of the sand, so we try Burleigh, not much better but we stop here, the kids were so happy to back at the beach & the fact that mum was going in as well.... NOT!!! the wind had really picked up (thank God) & that was my excuse not to go in! Around 5.50pm we head home for showers & pizza for dinner... needless to say the kids slept very well! xx


E said...

I cant wait til it warms up so we can hit the beach again.. our weather is cold cold freezing cold.

kristen said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. Things can only pick up from here I hope.
You have lovely photos. I would love to live near the beach as I'm sure my boys would.
We are very similar. My hubby and I are going to be 13 years married this year. Looks like you've got a good one by the look of those flowers !!!!! Good for you..
Speak to you again soon I hope.

Jen said...

Tanya, you have no idea how extremely JEALOUS I am of you living so close to the beach! The closest beach to me is 12 hours away!! :(
Your children are beautiful and I love all your pics!!
Thanks for the kind words on my photog. blog!

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