Thursday, 31 January 2008

Australia Day...

A few photos from Australia Day, took the kids into Surfers Paradise to see the fireworks. Samuel dislikes fireworks big time, it's too noisy for him, we figure he has very sensitive hearing, he stood there while the fireworks were going off with his jumper wrapped around his head & was very teary saying "it hurts my ears Mummy, it really hurts my ears" poor little guy :( anyway it was all over in about 10 mins & he was fine!

Just playing around with these two photos

Looking very patriotic... Sam desperately wanted a flag to wear as a cape! the souvenir shop came in handy for these!

I suck at taking photos of fireworks, but that's ok, this was right at the end, they were big & very loud.

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E said...

These are great.. looks like so much fun

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