Thursday, 24 January 2008

Holiday Fun...

We've been busy with buying school shoes, uniforms etc., only a few bits & pieces left to do & the covering of the books, I only have about 20 something to do! Tayla, Sam & I went to see "The Chipmunk Movie" so funny, the kids loved it, hubby took the older boys to see Cloverfield, very disappointed!!!! the way it was filmed really affected their eyes! they felt nauseous for hours! I've been taking the kids down to Charis early in the morning for a swim before it gets too hot & too crowded, they've really enjoyed doing this, especially Samuel, this kid knows how to have fun. xx

The cutest beach babes...

Sam had a ball playing this, it was like a huge xylophone, very cool!

Wrestling fun between Tayla & Jordy, although wasn't long before I had to put a stop to it!!!!

Love his cute little face :)

Sam loves chasing the seagulls, he just keeps going until they ALL fly off!

Jordan & Sam doing what brothers do best... pestering each other!

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