Thursday, 10 January 2008

Just sharing...

Okay nothing really going on around here, thanks to the weather!!!! haven't been taking many photos, but wanted to post some from last year... just some of the kids taken about this time last year. Hope you're all enjoying the holidays, we have started on the school stuff, Tayla & Sam had their books delivered last week so they wanted their books covered in contact asap... I really dislike that job but I'm also the only one who can!!! so have started that job as well as naming pencils, textas, rulers etc, next week it's school shoes & haircuts, it never seems to end... didn't we just get over Christmas???? & low & behold on the 1st of Jan there were Easter Eggs in the shops as well as hot cross buns... no wonder time goes so quickly!!! :) xx

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The Mumma said...

that trash can is only visible to you it incase you want to delete
love your new banner what did you make that in?

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