Friday, 5 March 2010

Where has the time gone?

Today these darling little cherubs are 2 months & 11 months old! Yes they're exactly 9 months apart to the day!! Hard to believe that Lochie will be 1 next month, we miss him so much but hopefully Lochie & Amanda will be back home with in the next few weeks :)  He is crawling & has now taken his first steps this week!
As for Avah, well this little princess has brought nothing but absolute joy to the family! She has this thing with her tongue, it's always sticking out through those gorgeous pink lips... always! Avah is so much like her mummy not only in looks, but she can be feisty, demanding, impatient & she will totally crack it if she does not get her way (already!!) just like her mummy!! but... she is also pure sweetness, her smiles & there's lots of them now, well they just melt my heart! I love it when she starts making her little noises, they are the sweetest sounds! We are blessed to have these gorgeous babies in our lives! 



Amanda said...

What beautiful pictures Tanya!
My eldest shares the same birthday and his cousin. They were born exactly 1 year apart!

Love 'n Light said...

What darlings!!!
Beautiful photos!!!

My 1st born (Son) and my 3rd (Daughter) were born exactly 11 yrs apart to the day.
When I was expecting her, my son would say "I want a brother but if it's another sister, that's ok as long as she is born on my birthday" well he got his wish!

Children are blessings to treasure, don't you agree?

LL Nat :~)

katherine said...

They are gorgeous.
Avah's name is spelt so beautifully, and lochlan is soo cute!

Love your photography, i'll be visiting often!!

Please check out my blog if you get the chance...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images Tanya {as always!}. Gorgeous children, what's not to love♥ vanessa x

dani said...

silver linings, eat your heart out!!! these two blessings are pure platinum:)
much love,
dani xxxx

Julian Beattie said...

Gorgeous! Loved these when I saw them on Facebook. Great shots, first is the winner for me!

jodiegreckphotography said...

Oh MY such sweetness...

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