Friday, 26 March 2010


Pure cuteness.. that's what this little man is! He is always happy, his smile lights up his whole face. Lochie had a ball playing outside with Opa & uncles Jorday & Sam the other afternoon. He chased the cats, played with the soccer ball, picked up the big leaves he spotted on the ground all with this big smile on his face! We're so happy he's back. I will say that he made me work for the photos I took that afternoon... he's a bundle of energy & pretty quick on his feet, not bad for a little boy who's only just started to walk!

Stay tuned for more cuteness coming this way soon :)


Amanda said...

He's just so cute Tanya...Look at that big smile, he would melt anyones heart!

Pie for the Eye said...

Oh look at that smile! What a great shot. Can't wait to see more of his cuteness!

dani said...

darling... and look at his little teeth peeping through:) i'm thrilled he's back where he belongs, t!!!
much love,
dani xxxx

Julian Beattie said...

That has to be THE cutest smile I've ever seen! Haha. Gorgeous stuff! :)

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