Saturday, 20 March 2010

Soccer Season..

Today Samuel had a fun game against another under 10's team, even though it was was quite warm in the sun, (believe me it was hot we are all sunburnt!!) the boys had a great game, there are some really talented players in both teams! Samuel had actually been selected for the under 10's development team by one of the scouts for the club... Sam declined, he wanted to stay with his team & his coach, he said that there was no one who could coach him better than the coach he already had... his dad! Sam has the makings of a great player, he's already asked his dad to be his manager when he's older, he's very ambitious... he LOVES soccer & one day wants to play overseas! I have no doubt he will!
The photos are not the best, but sometimes it's about capturing the moments in life without everything being technically correct!! Tomorrow is a very special day.. I will be back then to let you know why :)

Even when she's running she is beautiful..

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Love 'n Light said...

Ahhh yes! soccer season starting!
I have been blessed with a soccer mad family...except for my oldest girl who's more interested in the arts and crafts like me.

I haven't missed the extra washing at all...but something to look forward to now...(note the sarcasm lol)...but as my husband used to say 'at least soccer keeps them off the streets', he has a point I guess!

Enjoy the soccer season!!!

LL Nat:~)

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