Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter Sunday 2010.

 I hope you all had a lovely Easter! We spent most of the day with our children & grandchildren, which was lovely to all be together again! Later in the afternoon after the girls had gone, we headed down to Kurrawa beach, we couldn't believe how packed it was, there were people everywhere, there were hundreds of people swimming, they must have been Southerner's as it was quite cool standing on the beach let alone being in the water!!We still have quite a few Easter eggs hanging about in the fridge, but they belong to the kiddos, which is probably a good thing, I think I've had my fair share of chocolatey goodness to last me awhile! Needless to say all that smooth velvety chocolate hasn't been any good for my waistline or anywhere else for that matter!! Easter Monday was Loclan's first birthday, that post will becoming up soon, until then.. take care!



meganxxx said...

Are you kidding me???? How does one family have such adorable genes?? DEVINE children (and their nanna) xxx

Amanda said...

Look at those lovely babies Tanya!

Lucy said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Easter especially having your beautiful grandbabies around you. They are just adorable but then again they certainly have that wonderful "good look" gene. A belated happy 1st birthday to Lochie. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Julian Beattie said...

Ah, wish I was that young again! I think I got ONE egg for easter this year :( Haha.. Gorgeous kids and great shots!

jodiegreckphotography said...

OMG is it really 1 yr already since Locky was born OMG seems like 3 months ago 6 max.

Gorgeous love the hands with the easter eggs and the RED nails too cute xx

Elise said...

What a lovely Easter photo collage. Sounds like you had the perfect Easter surrounded by your children and grandchildren.

Lochie and Avah are absolutely gorgeous. I can just imagine you doting on those two beautiful babies.

Tanya, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave such kind comments and well wishes about the birth of Taleea.

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