Tuesday, 7 April 2009

HE'S HERE.....

Well hello everyone it's been such a long time, but I'm back with wonderful news & how appropriate for my 200th post!! Our grandson Lachlan arrived safely on Sunday 5th April (his due date!) weighing 6lbs 60zs & 52cm long! Amanda had a good labour but it wasn't all smooth sailing! Having a c-section was mentioned but thankfully she avoided one. I will say that seeing Lachlan being born was absolutely amazing... it has moved me in a way I never thought possible... to feel so much love for this little man was overwhelming to say the least.. it's wow amazing!! He's just the sweetest little boy, very alert & he just looks at you forever when you talk to him... he's beautiful! I'm so very proud of Amanda she did so well.. love you sweetheart! I will be back with some more photos later & I will be stopping by to say hi... sorry it's been so long! xxxxx


Hannah said...

Aweh, look at the little guy :D
He's so adorable, Tanya! And, it's absolutely wonderful to see you back in the blogosphere :D
I'm so glad to hear that all went well, and that everyone's happy and healthy! You all are so blessed!


meganxxx said...

Oh Tanya, congratulations to you and your family! He.is.devine.

Well done Amanda!!! Hope all goes well for you.

Just beautiful Tanya-how proud you must be!!!

Love Meganxx

Vanessa and Kara said...

Well you already know how much I think he's gorgeous lol but I have to say it again.... he's just so GORGEOUS.

The pics of him on Amanda's chest reduced me to tears (not hard atm :P) ~ that would have to be my favourite memory of having Kara... just looking down at her on my chest and her looking back ~ I'll never ever forget those precious moments.

Anyway, now I want another one even more (if that's possible).


Tabitha said...

Oh Tanya ~ what wonderful news, I am so pleased that he is here safely.
He is just totally gorgeous.
Congratulations to you all and well done to Amanda!
So great to hear from you again ~
Take care dear friend,
love and big hugs for you all XXX

Amanda said...

He is beautiful!
Congratulations to you all ~ especially Amanda.
Lachlan is a great name (it's Andrews middle name!)

Nice to "see" you back!

Amanda x

kristen said...

ohh isn't he adorable

Did you know you had so many of us stalking you on facebook.

Can't wait to see more photos soon. He melts me so I have no doubt he's doing it to you.
PS love the photo on FB of you standing with him.
What a lovely 200th post and with my all time favorite song (of course having 4 boys !!)
Take care Kristen (memories and dreams)

E and T said...

Oh Tanya, Lachlan is sooooo gorgeous. You can tell from the photos that he is one alert little man and ever so handsome.

Congratulations. This is wonderful news. I am so excited for you and all of your family.

I can't wait to see more photos and hear all about Lachlan.

Lots of love and hugs

Jen-ben said...

ah!! What a cutie!! I feel like it's been so long since you've posted! I was wondering where you were... :) Enjoy that little boy!

MoziEsmé said...

What a cutie! Congrats to the family!

Christina Celeste. said...


He's so...beautiful. A literal bundled of joy! He looks so happy with you and Amanda.



zenizeni said...

congratulation ma'am. look how wonderful is he.hope he will be a good man someday

Lucy said...

Hi Tania, congratulations to you and all your family on the arrival of your precious grand baby Lachlan. he is so gorgous and I can tell that he is very alert. Pass on my best wishes to Amanda. He will change all your lives in a way that you would not have ever imagined.
I am looking forward to seeing more pictures.

Kara May said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Precious, perfect, amazing blessing! I'm so excited for you, Amanda and your family. Happy Easter! Hugs to you and your family!! XOXOXO

Little Sweethearts said...

Hello Tania, it's good to have you back. And even better: you have such wonderful news to share!!! Congratulations to both the parents and grandparents!

He looks so tiny and cute... just perfect.


.E. said...

Late but you already know how happy I am for you all.. he's perfect

Do you have this in pink? said...

Oh Tanya...how lucky are you?? To be young, grgeous, have divine children and now a grandchild.

We are not allowed to have anymore babies and I'm still so clucky, you know whats really tragic is that I'm already hoping my kids have their bubs young so I can have grandkids because there wont be anymore of my own.( Coop's is 8 and Kitty 3 so it's gonna be a while) Your so blessed.

Can't wait for more updates and I just love the pic with him on Amanda's chest while she's on the phone, really love it!


Vanessa and Kara said...

Helloooo....I wanna see new pics :P


Dana said...

Wow...what a sweetpea! Many blessings to everyone!--Dana

Katie Toland said...

oh Tanya!!! Congratulations.
(hold up this rock for me while I crawl out from under it will you... I had no idea! It must have been a long time since I've blogged - so sorry.)

Congratulations to your DD and your whole family. What a beautiful start to a new generation. xx

Can't wait to see you work your camera magic on him.

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