Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Hope everyone had a great easter! We had quite a busy one... with hubby deciding to get stuck into the garden & do a big clean up! (so much for relaxing!!!!) so after we... hmm... I cut down tree branches, trimmed the hedges, did the weeding & the boys helped hubby with the lawn, mind you this did take nearly 3 days!!! we had family over on Easter Monday for a big feast, everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the kids!! I got to have cuddles with my nephew's little boy who is just 3 weeks old!! he's so tiny & has that beautiful newborn smell & he also has a great set of lungs! This easter I didn't do the usual family photo shoot, which they were thrilled about!!! just got some random photos through out the weekend... so for now these are from Easter Sunday, be back with more later. xxxx

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Jen said...

oooh...Cadbury everything! LUCKY! When I lived in London that's what I loved...then came back to the states and our nasty chocolate. :)
Tanya, I had NO idea you have 6 kids!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! How do you do it??

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