Friday, 26 October 2007

1st Birthdays...

Having just celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday made me think back to Sam's, being our last baby I found it hard to believe that this was would be our last 1st birthday, for me it was a huge adjustment my baby was growing up & there would be no more 1st smiles, giggles, 1st words, 1st time sitting & 1st steps... everything my baby did for the first time would be the last time for me, crazy I know seeing as Sam is our 6th child, but I did feel quite sad leading up to his big day & I didn't really know why!!! then my Mum pointed out that it was the end of a chapter in my life, the chapter of pregnancy, birth & newborns had come to an end, and a new chapter was beginning! Looking back at Sam's 1st birthday this would have to be my favourite photo of the day, his cheeky smile & his cute dimple bring back beautiful memories & make me smile, so here he is on his 1st birthday & his most recent photo taken on Monday 22/10/07... he still has that cheeky smile & his dimple, cute as ever & he still makes me smile :) xx

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