Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Well not quite in this photo... this was the day before your birthday, you were home for the day so we (ok I) decided to get some photos of your last day being a non-teenager, we have some really great shots which mean even more to me now....Monday 27/8 3.30pm you were off to the skate park, have fun be careful were my last words to you!! several hours later you hadn't come home it was getting dark & I jumped in the car to look for you ready to kick your butt for being late... I drove around, couldn't find you, drove around some more still couldn't find you anywhere went home thinking we must have just missed each other NO you still weren't home... Dad's turn, he looked everywhere for you, your friend said you had left his place 1/2 an hour ago (5.30) panic set in, Dad came home you still weren't here... he left, went everywhere, by now it is nearly 6.30 & very dark, he came back & said one more time around then we bring in the police, my heart sank, I felt sick & I thought that I had lost you forever... a few minutes later Dad was back & you were with him.... I have never felt so many emotions in such a short period of time, today even as I write this I have tears, knowing it could have all been different, very different... my heart is heavy with grief for all those parents who were not so lucky. Tell your loved ones you love them everytime they go to school, work or out to play & never take them for granted. xx

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